• We face everyone in the system with awareness. Even ourselves.

  • Knowledge is meant to be developed, deepened, and handed over.

  • We are guiding your Change Journeys. How do you master the challenges of doing business in a global world?

  • A really good theory can be pretty practical.

  • Success unfolds within the detail.

  • In inspiring partnerships we create sustainable success.

Who we are

We strongly believe that co-creation processes can unfold the potential of individuals and organizations. Since 1979, we co-create unique solutions with our international clients and build up capacities of organizations and its leaders. As systemic consultants it is our core of competences to use the shift of perspectives in order to explore, understand, and experiment with different approaches adaptable to create unique solutions for our client- organizations and their leaders. We focus on the content and business impact of our work. But creating impact means for us looking at the cultural patterns, social aspects and other vivid dynamics below the surface of your organization at the same time. We create containers and hold space - collective “LAB`s” within designed social processes - for people to meet, share ideas, collaborate, experiment to bring forward innovation or transformation. We focus on appropriate solutions - we co-create processes to generate ‘out of the box ideas’ and build upon your strengths. We experiment and build prototypes to overcome the organizational autopilot mode the frequency of “doing more of the same”. We make use of multi-perspectivity: We bring in different perspectives and standpoints to listen to the future as it emerges.