Who we are

We don´t limit ourselves to consulting, we are not a group in the usual sense of the word, and we are not based in Neuwaldegg! Nevertheless, we are called The Neuwaldegg Consulting Group. This calls for an explanation.


Consulting was the starting point. By adopting the systemic approach to consulting, The Neuwaldegg Consulting Group found a way to develop creative, constructive and effective solutions together with its clients. Over time, these first "pillars" - Consulting and Coaching - were supplemented by three others: Management Development and Training of Consultants, Interim Management, and Research.


We set up The Neuwaldegg Consulting Group as an organisation where each partner owns the same share and therefore has the same rights. The specific day-to-day work, however, takes place within a network, enabling manifold co-operations. This network is united by shared goals - systemic consulting - and innovative research.


Originally, when we founded The Neuwaldegg Consulting Group in 1980, we wished to move into offices in Neuwaldegg, an area in Vienna's 17th district. Although this never came to be, the name dates from this period. Today our offices can be found in Gregor-Mendel-Strasse 35, 1190 Vienna.

What we feel responsible for as consultants

  • Suitable architecture and guidelines for the project.
  • Design and process-management of the joint assignments.
  • Facilitation.
  • Specialist inputs and consulting in the areas of leadership, corporate-, team- and personal-development, strategy and marketing, organization and project-management, human-resource management, trends and future scenarios for organizations as well as their consequences for leadership and management.
  • Feedback and personal consulting.
  • Dissolving energy blockages and communication barriers.
  • Create space for personal reflection and for organisation climate.
  • Ensuring the evaluation of projects.