Systemic Diagnosis & Evaluation

collecting – analysing – understanding

The systematic observation of organisations helps to form an understanding of their internal logic and dynamics. Knowing how your company, your field, your compartment or your employees work will aid you in leading your company towards set goals and steering through processes of change.

We will develop a customised diagnosis and evaluation for your company and the matters of concern based on a thorough clarification of tasks. We combine qualitative and quantitative forms of empirical social research methods to gather the necessary information. In order to do this we carry out in-depth interviews, group discussions, online surveys as well as telephone surveys and tests.

As a result you will be able to recognise characteristic patterns of thinking, communication, relationship and decision-making, which we will define in a well structured report. The conclusions, which you can draw from this, will present you with the opportunity for orientation, to see matters in a new light and a good foundation from which to make informed decisions.

What is a diagnosis and evaluation for?

  • to collect opinions, ideas, competences, motivations, manifest and latent standards, values and assumptions that initiate actions
  • to understand the contexts and interactions within your company

A systemic diagnosis and evaluation offers new knowledge as well as a variety of other functions:

Communication function

  • to communicate goals and visions
  • to make success visible

Participation function

  • to include those who are concerned
  • to facilitate a change of perspective

Alignment function

  • to focus on resources and solutions
  • orientation for the future

Motivation function

  • to focus on strengths and commonalities
  • to enhance the expression of appreciation

The systemic diagnosis and evaluation is part of our consulting projects and will be applied in various consulting fields. In the following you find a list of practical examples:

  • to offer guidance through processes of change
  • to promote employee commitment and customer loyalty
  • to develop viable guiding principles (mission, vision and values)
  • to optimise acquisitions and mergers
  • to identify the need for personnel development
  • to implement leadership principles
  • to encourage personality development
  • to improve mutual understanding and communication
  • to identify the value of measures for development and change in order to guarantee the transfer of new knowledge into practice

Training sessions and lectures by professionals

  • on the topic of systemic diagnosis and evaluation
  • on various topics such as personality and competence development, presentation techniques, practical personnel development.

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