Holacracy?: Collective Intelligence and Evolutionary Organization - A New Organizational Operating System Under Review. Workshop with Brian Robertson.

What is Holacracy? Holacracy? is described by one of it's pionieers, Brian Robertson, as a new and comprehensive practice for governing and running organizations. With its transformative structure and processes, Holacracy? integrates the collective intelligence of people throughout the company, while aligning the organization with its broader purpose and a more organic way of operating.

The result is increased agility, transparency, innovation, and accountability. Holacracy? takes the principles, ideas, and emerging mindset articulated by cutting-edge thought leaders, and instills them in the actual structures and processes of the organization. It grounds them in practice and brings them to life.

This experiential introduction to Holacracy? during the workshop covered all of its core components through interactive presentation, hands-on exercises, and immersive simulations. Reflection and discussion of Holacracy's underlying paradigms and relation to other approaches rounded off the day's program.