Kaleidoskop: "Volatiles Wirtschaften: Der plötzliche Kollaps von allem"

How do you manage extreme events?

Die Forschergruppe Neuwaldegg freut sich, Sie zu einem ganz besonderen Dialog einzuladen:
Prof. Dr. John Casti, Systemtheoretiker und Experte für Computersimulationen, erforscht seit vielen Jahren X-events: Extreme Ereignisse mit gesamtgesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen, wie zum Beispiel die Weltwirtschaftskrise 2008/2009, den arabischen Frühling oder aktuelle Ereignisse wie die Zypern-Krise. John Casti wird am 12. Juni seine neuesten Theorien und deren Implikationen für Unternehmen und Non-Profit-Organisationen diskutieren. Die Veranstaltung wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten – die anschließende Diskussions- und Fragerunde können wir bei Bedarf auch gerne parallel in Deutsch und Englisch führen.

What is the underlying pattern of the Arabian Spring, the crash of Lehman Brothers, the crisis in Greece and other eXtreme events, which have an impact on human society as a whole?
According to the research findings of John Casti, such X-events are a consequence of a complexity gap between two systems, e.g. government and the people of a country like Egypt … the latter dramatically empowered by social media technology.
In his most recent books “Mood Matters” and “X-Events” (German version: “Der plötzliche Kollaps von allem”) Dr. Casti looked into the origins and characteristics of such X-events, all of them created by human society and dramatically affecting it. In 2012 it is now time to discuss the next part of the story: What happens in the aftermath of such incidents? How does society react to X-events? What is the creative power of such major disruptions, which positive effects are observable? An example from nature may be of help: What is the function of a forest fire? Is it part of the forest’s cycle of life? How do plants and animals deal with this threat? Which plants are the first pioneers after the firestorm?
John Casti will give an introduction into his theoretical framework, using the example of his famous study “7 Shocks for Finland”. Then we will proceed on to the question: What is the creative power of an X-event?
We will have the opportunity to discuss the consequences for organizations - especially from a manager´s point of view:
Given that: How do you prepare for such events? And we will even ask: Shouldn’t we initiate X-events? How to tame and utilize them?

We look forward to an inspiring evening which takes us all out of and back into the box – refreshed, encouraged, and alert!

Dr. Casti received his Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Southern California. He worked at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA, and served as a professor in the USA before becoming one of the first members of the research staff at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria. He has also been on the faculty of the Technical University of Vienna and the Santa Fe Institute in the USA.

  • Ort: MOYA - Museum of Young Art, Renngasse 4, 1010 Wien
  • Datum & Zeit: Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013, 18:30 ~ 21:00 Uhr
  • Kostenbeitrag: € 120,- pro Person

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