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Today, more than ever, the leadership of a company has to face up to market challenges as well as to the requirements of its own business model. What kind of leadership is needed and what consequences does that have with regards to selecting the personnel?

Over the course of recent years the dynamic of company leadership and development has made leadership a factor for success. While system aspects were prioritised in the 1980's and early 1990's, we can now observe a strong tendency towards “repersonalised leadership”. In a turbulent and globalised environment, leadership is presented with new challenges when it comes to the selection and further development of employees as well as the linkage between individuals and organisations.

Leadership! What does your enterprise require from its leadership?

The challenges that the leadership of today’s organisations are presented with show great variation: different markets and business models call for differentiated models of control and leadership.

Challenges to leadership

Challenges to leadership

What might be a recipe for success in the field of “efficient standards” could pose an obstacle in the world of “dynamic creativity” and vice versa. This is the same when it comes to hard facts as well as soft factors and is thus especially important for the leadership and its representatives: The executive management. The first question to be asked is: What sort of leadership do we need and what kind of personalities do we need for it?

Our understanding of leadership and our learning model will give you an insight into the services we provide and our models of operation.

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