Ideas and Impulses

The Research-Group's doesn´t concentrate on finished concepts, but rather on ideas and impulses from other disciplines and their connection to both organisations in practice and the systemic management concept. Furthermore trends and developments in society, as well as questions about individual lifestyle, are important in the Research-Group's discussions.

As the Neuwaldegg Research-Group is the only forum of its kind on the Austrian consulting scene, it offers a communication-platform for interested clients, managers, experts, consultants from the Consulting Group's co-operation network, and researchers from various fields to come together and discuss a common topic. Discussions of this kind are organised in regular workshops, as well as lectures ("kaleidoscope") and discussion-evenings.

Initiators and pioneers

The Neuwaldegg Research-Group does not define itself as a group in the terminological sense, but rather as a network, i.e. a structure without the limitations of an organisation. As the independent analytical and research arm of the Neuwaldegg Consulting Group, the Research-Group works on pioneer-concepts and new questions regarding management, the development of society and of the individual.