Strategy and Innovation

Do you wish to refine your strategy? Are you looking for new strategies or perhaps you want to diversify your business? Are you about to set a new strategic direction? Is innovation what you need to assure sustainable growth?

For years now we have been elaborating approaches and ways to work on strategies that increase the “return on strategy”, meaning the maximising of efficiency and drive.

A good strategy can bring about a number of effects and gains in efficiency when tailored to the specific needs related to the elements and contents of the organisation in question. Experience has shown that circular processes are the best solution for maximising efficiency and sustainability. In this kind of process feedback loops are created, which allow, continuous adjustments of strategy on internal and external issues as well as for direct communication between those responsible for strategy implementation. The individual configuration has to be tailored to the specific context.

Essential steps are:

  1. Assessment and diagnosis of the context of the strategy work: A precise assessment of the context and the system for which the strategy is to be developed is an essential premise for customised consulting.
  2. Development and implementation of a customised architecture: We construct a strategy framework (“strategy for strategy-making”) and develop the architecture, defining the roles of who does what, when, where and how often with regards to the substantive issues and topics.
  3. Shaping elements and modes of work: Our approach on how to develop and implement strategies is not solely analytical and deductive, it allows the exploration and development of strategies from unconventional perspectives within the spaces we create for experimentation with creative elements.
  4. Increasing strategic intelligence: The goal is to have the strategies developed and implemented by the management itself. To achieve this goal, the input and working methods of a consultant are required in order to target an increase in the strategic competence of the management and the organisation as a whole.
  5. Intensive consulting during delicate phases of strategy work: Offering support in conflicts, difficult discussions and substantive difficulties through input, monitoring and expertise.

We offer support for the development and implementation of business strategies, business area strategies, division strategies and strategic focus on the organisations’ functions in the following areas:

Fields of Strategy

We would be delighted to offer our support to your organisation in its strategic development, whether this be for the whole process or more focussed support during crucial moments. The services listed shall offer a first orientation and serve as examples of what could be needed in the areas of strategy and innovation.

Examples of services: