Soloists in a Team

Ever since the company's foundation in the beginning of the 1980's, the Consulting Group Neuwaldegg has been known as a team of independent consultants with different professional backgrounds. Masters of business administration, technical engineers, lawyers, sociologists, or psychologists at the Consulting Group Neuwaldegg are connected by a common goal: offering the client the best possible and most appropriate consulting and accompanying him / her throughout the planning and implementation of demanding development processes.

Team players who stay on the ball

The Consulting Group Neuwaldegg operates within a network of consultants, researchers and institutions. Within this network there are, on the one hand, project-specific co-operations, and on the other hand, a continuous exchange of experiences and learning. The Consulting Group Neuwaldegg is not satisfied with developing clever concepts. Success becomes evident in details: There is nothing as handy as a good theory, but the theory needs to be transferred to specific tools very carefully.

The Consulting Group's team has been dedicated to the creation and continuous development of this know-how by researching and analysing current management challenges - as evidenced by various publications and the events organised by the Research Group Neuwaldegg. Staying on the ball and performing well as a team - that is the recipe for success in every good team.